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Texas Mint Commercial Washing first opened its doors in 1994.  Our business quickly received numerous requests for services beyond pressure washing, so a more appropriate name was adopted, Texas Mint Commercial.  Our management team and crews grew leaps and bounds to meet the needs of our customers, soon including over 50 employees in Houston alone.  We have since made it our mission to help our clients achieve “one-stop shopping” in the area of convenience, service and invoicing. 

By the year 2000, our client list had grown to include some of the nation’s largest pharmacy and banking corporations as well as city/county contracts.  Since 2004, we have consistently been recognized as a leading service provider to all of South Texas .  Today, our focus is on bringing exceptional service and social responsibility to our clients by providing affordable, responsible, “Green” cleaning services at a fair price.


Services the following areas:

San Antonio
Ft Worth


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