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  Lobby vacuuming
  Lobby tile buff / wax
  Hallway vacuuming
  Hallway tile buff / wax
  Stair vacuuming
  Stair tile buff / wax
  Elevator cleaning
  Restroom cleaning
  Hard Floors Clean / Repair
  Metal Polishing
  Sidewalk washing
  Driveway washing
  Fountain washing
  Loading Dock Washing
  Parking lot cleaning
  Pavement-Curb Striping

General cleaning services

  High dusting
  Furniture dusting
  Picture frame dusting
  Ceiling tile cleaning
  Vent cleaning
  Window cleaning (excludes high rise exteriors)
  Venetian blind laundering
  Window sill wiping
  Wall washing
  Rubbish removal; waste cans emptied
  Carpet vacuuming
  Conference room cleaning
  Kitchen cleaning
  Lavatory cleaning
  Telephone disinfect
  Drinking fountain disinfect
  Light switch disinfect
  Door handle disinfect
  Interior glass Windex
  Exterior glass Windex (ground floor only)

Specialty Services

  Constuction Clean-up
  Special Event Clean-up
  Graffiti / Paint Removal

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Services the following areas:

San Antonio
Ft Worth


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